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Scattered Fall - Never Nothing lyrics

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Never Nothing by Scattered Fall

This silence is slow murder it's agonizing time your sitting there relaxed while there's a knife at my side you hold your own despair while conceived in fun and games this is my despise for you I am ashamed I have alaid out bare for you so you can mock me and tease I could fall int your lies I wish that I could leave I hope this silence breaks and maybe you will see your will cannot be found it can only be decieved I DON'T WANT THIS I wish that I could go or you would make me leave tell my friends this is what I feel so raw yet numb I've come to you in the honesty now what will I beocome you've stripped me of my dignity and all my flesh and soul now wearing someone else's skin may make me whole now I could be wrong in all of this and maybe we will see the truth inside all of you and maybe even me we all hide things inside which kill at a slow pace so everyone gather round and bathe in our discrace.

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