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S.A.S. - On And On lyrics

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On And On by S.A.S.

On and on and on and on
I never get a chance to catch my breath
On and on and on and on
I'm working myself to an early death
I work every day from 9 to 5
I make barely enough just to stay alive
I'm feeling frustrated and I don't know why
I just sit and watch the system bleed me dry
No time for college, I got bills to pay
I work my fingers to the bone for minimum wage
Straight out of school to the employment line
They say I ain't got no skills, I'm wasting their time
I just got paid, my money's already spent
My building's going co-op, so they raised my rent
I can't afford to buy the things I need
My pockets are empty and I got kids to feed
Tomorrow's gonna be like yesterday
Just deeper in debt with more bills to pay
Everything I own I'm forced to sell
I'm not living in America, I'm living in hell

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