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S.A.S. - Coming To America lyrics

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Coming To America by S.A.S.

It's Caliente, guess who's F'in' up the game
Now we coming to America, steppin' off the plane
Usually what we on, luggage by Louis Vuitton
I blow spots like a nuclear bomb, BOOM
And bring speeds that will cause ya harm
Cruise control, we get our auto on
Doin' 200 on the Autobahn
Ya boys test us, please, that thought's reckless
I'm in the zone, king of the throne, you Court Chesters
Flatter me, don't throw blows at your majesty
The snubnose will pump holes like a cavity
When May and Mega see you, go get your people
We'll have rapper's hoods lookin' like it's medieval
May will starve to get it
Like big flames, flip caine, move half on credit
I get brain from thick dames way you past pathetic
The 6 Range switch lanes, I'm way past you fellas
Or in that gray six that look like a spaceship
The one, Matrix, fix the grill like a facelift
I'll get you bastards shot
Invest in bonds, you niggaz is laughin' stocks, haha
You can find me where the goons are
I'm the renegade that bubble like lemonade and none of my goons spar
What you gonna do huh, you already heard me
Now we coming to America like Eddie Murphy
From London to the ghettos of New York
Two women in front, dropping rose pedals as we walk
I got a cocky flow, men wanna copy, no
We Hakeem and Semi, you can ask Jaffe Joe
Take over the world like Pinky and The Brain
While I skeet over your girl, the pinky gimme brain
See my Range like a tank is out
Chain like an anchor now
Fuck ya lames, Blood, ain't nuttin' change but my bank account
And I got songs, so it's not long
Log on S-A-S Diplomats dot com
Six free, that's me, yeah I'm that raw
You small like a rat for, what you brothers rap for
Oh you wanna act raw, till I spark shotties
Have him laying in a morgue, now he hardbody
'Fore he was live, now he a dead guy
Mega's down to earth but still I'll let the lead fly
And if I ain't packin' the lead
I got suttin' that ain't from ATL but it's hard with a jagged edge
I'm reppin' well, Mega will never fail
Yeah I'm married to this game, hear the wedding bells

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