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Saddest Landscape - Magpies lyrics

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Magpies by Saddest Landscape

I feel us burning infinite alright
'Cause I have been waiting all my life
To hear the words you say
Tonight I'm born again
I feel an ease inside my heart alright
How do you feel?
How does it feel to be inspiring water from a stone?
Indeed I'm born again, I am new and I feel alive
For the first time
I must make you my wife
'Cause I've lived too long
Already gone in this life I have you
It's in the turning of your weather vane
You trust the wind to guide you to the place
Where you belong, it's where I belong
Where's the place you belong?
In your face I see my life unfolding
We have so many fears
Let's gather them today
And let them fly away with the magpies
Yes, I love you with the fire of my namesake
Didn't live too long, seventeen and gone
But what I learned from St. Joan
Is heed to the voice in your heart in this life, this life
I'll cross time, I'll break the hourglass
If the pink smoke cloud will bring me to the back of your car
'Cause we make the fire work
Just listen to the sound
I never knew this could be true
But now I've got you here
Along with me now to say
In this life I have you
Yes, I see your eyes
They're gazing in me, could it be
The real life, you have me

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