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Sacred Warrior - Obsessions lyrics

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Obsessions by Sacred Warrior

As the dollar exchanges the hand of many
There lie the poor who dream of having enough for today
The rich control the government while the gangs control the streets
It`s hand against the sword till the strong take out the weak
It`s all a competition to see who will get the bigger bite
Men driven by obsessions , the more they get the more they want
To have it all, they gotta see they`re plagues upon the wall
Blinding obsessions
Blinding obsessions
You gave up all your rights as you turnde to the needle
And now you`ve gone so fat, there is no turning back
Do what it takes, you`ve gotta have it all
There`s something in your blood that pulls the number
Makes a call, it doesn`t really matter if you lose it all
Just as long as you feed this desire inside of you
Can`t you see you`re destroying your life ?
Turn away it`s not what it`s made out to be, oh don`t you see?
There`s a dead end there for you
Blinding obsessions
Blinding obsessions

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