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Sacha Sacket - Primordial lyrics

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Primordial by Sacha Sacket

There's a black forest in my brain
A blue boy that's gone half insane
From a bark both beast and man made
Ripping those woods like a rolling flame.
And that kid's been called every name
But he just swallows and behaves
Only when I’m done digging his grave
Will he turn to me, turn, and say.
I took every star down
Turned our compass around
I've done all that they've said
And I'm fucking half dead
Think it's time to move on
Find our own fervor
And follow that sun.
But I won't leave like Gilgamesh
He should have just killed himself
It's a mercurial mess
Eternal life is death.
No, I'll leave like an Aeon
Flies from his Zion
And I'll hear Iron John
Singin' my song
'Cause I'm moving on
And I will dance past those
That tell me I'm wrong.
They can call me a fake
A mother's mistake
Hey, I'm a freak with no name
Just remember I stay
I can transfigure
This flesh into soul.
I go and find a redwood
Climb into its womb
Escape down through my rabbit hole.
Soul threads are send reeling
Heart's reincarnating
And my bark sheds
Like snakeskin will.
Primordial. Prime Ordeal. Primordial.

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