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Ryan Balthrop - Live By The Water lyrics

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Live By The Water by Ryan Balthrop

I want to lay all day, I’m gonna take myself on down to Cinnamon Bay. I want to play all night, we’re keepin’ it loose, and it feels all right. I got a good life this day, got no complaints. I work a couple of hours and I smoke a joint. I point the gun at the thrushy, the mongoose, too. I drink a cup of fruit juice ‘cause it keeps me loose.
I been ‘round long enough to take a few steps. Don’t get me wrong, I like to keep it fresh, but I like it right here in this small island town, where it's green, blue, yellow and brown.
[Chorus] I’m gonna live by the ocean. It keeps us in motion. Slips she the potion. So we can live off the land and live by the water, live off the land and live by the water. Live off the land and live by the water…
Right here, right here, nowhere else, right here.
I want to lay all day St. John, Virgin Islands, Hatch Band back in the day. That’s where I learned to throw down right. We’d trash The Front Yard every Saturday night!
I wake up in the morning, scratch and yawn. I stretch in meditation ‘cause it make me feel strong. Look out me shanty, hear the birds sing a song for the world. They live in unity - they have no boundary. Live off the land livin’ free, eat the berry from the tree. Anything they do - they do it naturally. Livin’ by the ocean, river or the sea. Jump into the water and spread your wings.
[Chorus] Right now, right now, not next year, right now. [bridge]
Some people say that the grass is greener, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. But I don’t think so. I took my chance so long ago. I scratched, climbed, I scaled and I crawled, and, yes, I finally made my way to the other side of the wall keeping me from that freedom. I look around at things and now I see there’s no fences around. Feel the grass between your toes, Island girl, we make island sounds.
[Chorus] Righteously

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