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Russian Folk - The Gray Sea Is So Wide And Heavy lyrics

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The Gray Sea Is So Wide And Heavy by Russian Folk

The gray sea's so wide and so heavy
High waves are around us my friend
And on the instructions of navy
We go far away of the land
Oh, comrade I cannot keep watch anymore
One stoker has said to his fellow
You see there's no flame in my chamber at all
I can't do a steam boiler well, oh
There's no any wind so it's hard to survive
The water is hot and it's stiffing
The temperature rises beyond forty-five
This stokehole is stopping my breathing
He threw the last bit and some water he drank
T'was dirty and desalinated
The sweat and the soot from his face slowly sank
As he heard the machinist stated
Hey, lad, you should go after finishing work
Mechanic is much disaffected
Of course if you're down you can go to a doc
He gives you a drug as directed
He went to the afterdeck loosing his mind
And stood there for some dizzy being
He saw for a moment a bright dazzling light
And fell with his heart no more beating
They came in the morning to tell him goodbye
His old-chaps all stokers and sailors
They brought him all scorched and rusty great-bar
A farewell gift to their fellow
So they took the bar and attached to his feet
An old ship priest came to this action
They turned his dead body with cotton bed-sheet
They cried - well, it's normal reaction
The ocean was silent and still at this time
And water just shines as a mirror
Superior's chief and the captain have come
A memory sang for the hero
Unneedfull an old-lady's waiting for son
They tell her - she'll cry like beluga
And wavering water continue to run
Their trace melts like purified sugar

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