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Rostok Vampires - Unexpected Victims lyrics

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Unexpected Victims by Rostok Vampires

Unexpected victims
Bullsh*t is still alive
Unexpected sadness
While a dead man dies
Hopefully lost again
In freezing drollery
I don't want no border cops
But I keep on searching
For a key to the depth of me
Something wrong is strong
This goes deep into my brain
Orders from the wrong side
Indecision - sh*t job to my end
I keep on following my life
Straight to my end
I wonder should I be so cool
I should be myself
For you I'm fool
And there's nothing left to say
I got this question every day
What is new
Nothing I say
It's all the same
We're the one to blame
I think 'bout you
All the good times
We once knew
Dreams of out nights together
Doubt a word forever
Doubt about myself
Doubt about you
Doubt about good things
What we do is
Reflecting misery
What is new.....
But I know that you're cruel
That's right
sh*t job baby
Nothing's the same
sh*t on the sorrows
Songs remain
Like penetration of all mind

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