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Ro Ransom - Lorde Drive By lyrics

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Lorde Drive By by Ro Ransom

I never saw hoers but I always jump a real close
On the best, on the low
We shutting down yeah when we go
She was all in my phone, tell the baby girl, no, no, no
Your new single came out at the club and it was so, so, so, so
(So, so, so, so)
Zey blow pimp, ask right back, smell like money
Come and get the weed
Smoothie in my car with the sushi on my dish
You aint never ever, ever, ever heard bout a day like this
Nigga do a lot of talk but they dont say sh*t
Ravels south drop but bang lain in a wipe
Ha, thats house will trade and this b**ch
f**k the rebuild b**ch, she ever play with a chip nigga?
She told me about how am I take this out
She say just : f**k it!
But Im out and pop this flame that we drop and so we suck that
Bags up on the ..., this is..., yours?
This way goes to ...
Niggas with me ? go by playing
Pull up and we score, give me, give me, give me more
Give me, give me more
Lean but I use to like this on
But Im braking and have it, mic should get over
Yall just have high somewhere
Nigga cant see me throw the plugs of glow now
Fifty game on the cross game went on shelter
Dont drink but she say I am over
Shes got it on me like a ghost
She like to dress me like hello son
Cuz I roll up quick like a pop star
I tell your first name to the ?
Ha, me Im ready for my ?
Stay the f**k on my lean, hold me closer
Quick tape and she get the cover repeat thou
Nigga waking up and went on the part of my team thou
Im with your b**ch poast it up with the ?
I swear nigga but they love me and see no ?
What you know bout the Dominican chicks?
Yall niggas b**ch, like it was in deeds
Yall nigga see like see the mistake
Pop so hard like digging the ditch
Dont be mad, I know Im not lay
But this sh*t get split like a bad day
I can feel the hit of your hand shake
I wont got that like bad taste
Halley with the fume, it only make the song if the sh*t didnt do me
Dirty floor , I felt that
I can never I did, know the real me
so if Imma like to speak honestly
Is all I got, aint no option B
Shut the f**k up, hes no hot as me
b**ch Im the future just propose
Was banging and keep em ?
How the f**k sow me
How the f**k said that its strong as me
I aint say sex game, no sex game
Scooter weather so they?
Got me gape and f**k it
Game change, stay safe
Wouldnt be so ? if I create danger
Label, I hate suice in the major
Brought nigga team and they get?
Most of late nights so in grace
I scream on niggas like crime
Do me a favor, no do me no favor
Im the dirty second player ?
Im the dirty second player and go the f**king ?
But the murder get on make up
Burn out the paper
Plant no signs and dont turn me the behavior
Dog I can mug with this floor and act like sh*t, yo got damn
You the man on this road
I really might get all this floor
This fan I just know, they can even handle this floor
f**k I can do my hand, my rip road
Dance with Columbian, I should dance calypso
When the hoers back like this stash falimbo
Blind money you can even glace with this dog
Ramming to your manager jumbos
And hip hop pouf but he grip the buff
Man round my hook but Im still the boss
Boy wanna get the ball
b**ches all over wanna get the ball
They give me that thing, my dog thank glint
f**k em and get ball, my ? ask
Talk with the baler and f**k some of flinck nigga

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