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Root - Why? lyrics

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Why? by Root

(Blackie, Alesh / Big Boss)
Why ?
I dance on grey skulls
Of just hipocrites !
On my shoulders I carry
The globe full of fools !
I devour my own trails
On which my homunculus hangs !
The comet shot out of my brain
Will not reach the borders of the Space !
Crowds of idiots trample down
My pregnant pituitary gland !
I weep over my Loneliness
Surrounded by my Friends !
I must laugh at the kidness
Of my mortal Enemies !
I open my Inward Mind
For the icy breath of the endless Existence !
I want to change into an icicle
Of the universal Reason !
My heart turned to stone
Together with the testicles of the Life !
Thousands of hammers hitting the anvil
Of my dark Destiny !
Why ?………Billion of Nothing……!

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