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Give One Heart Lyrics

Artist: Ronstadt Linda


Give One Heart Lyrics

Give One Heart by Ronstadt Linda

John & Johanna Hall
(Verse 1):
Love, I am told,
is the deepest mystery,
harder to fathom
than any sea,
more precious than all
the earth and sky,
but nobody can tell you why.
Give one heart, get back two;
that's the paradox of "I love you."
So when you give your heart,
you get one, too;
that's the paradox of "I love you."
(Verse 2):
If it is love for which you've cried,
you know how it feels
on the moon's dark side,
But if you baby loves you right,
you can have skyrockets any old night (Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 3):
Love can be gentle, soft and tame;
or so rough you wouldn't know its name.
Shy and wild like a runaway child,
storms of love always end up mild. (Repeat Chorus)
(Ending tag)
And you can't help sayin' it; "I love you."
Keep on sayin' it; "I love you."
You can't stop sayin' it; "I love you."
I won't stop until you say it, too.

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