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Middleman Rides Again Lyrics

by Roland J. Bowman


Middleman Rides Again Song Lyrics

Middleman Rides Again by Roland J. Bowman

Daddy got da Caddy.
Momma got da Continenal Me I got a pickup truck
I ain't too sentimental. Sista's Honda's accurate
Cause Brother gotta V8 Ford. Uncle Jimmy,
Drives a semi, it's the most he can afford.
Grandma drives the meals on wheels,
She hates to be alone,
While Gandpa hooks the hooker with his Limo Telephone.
Tyrone gotta Bently, Eldorado,
Likes his Rolls, he drive her kinda gently,
Dodgin' Gangsta gunshot hole.
I used to be a Suday driver, had no place to go.
I rode a tractor-trailer, just to look at girls below.
I used to be a loner.
I traded my Mercedes-Benz, for a brand new Mercury,
And a lotta sexy girl-friend.
Now I ride a Limosine and smoke big cigar.
Ever since that gang of mine held up that armored car.
Little Willie, broke from prison in a laundry jail-house truck.
Now he lives in Argentina, drives a Moped what the luck!
(cop and robber chase scene with sirens and gunshots and Police dialogue)
They got me on the run again,
I'm feelin' kinda down. With too much drugs
And love and sex and another stupid town.
I hate to change idenity, to play another show.
Lets stock up in the city, it would be so good to go.
I traded in my pick-up for a Caddy Coupe Deville.
I park it in the yard, by the house on top the hill.
The moral of the story is you gotta have a car, if you wanna be a thug, or a Rock n' Roll Super-star.

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