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Middleman Lyrics

by Roland J. Bowman


Middleman Song Lyrics

Middleman by Roland J. Bowman

I got a ninety nine Caddilac Coupe-de Ville.
I live in the house on top of the hill.
I got deals in Chicago, Detroit too.
They call me the Middleman, cause I know what to do.
You got the mob on the West side.
East side the gang. They all come to me, cause they know I'm the man.
On the North side the Five O, south side the Klan.
West side the Spic's up in that Alcopolco scam,
I like my speakers in the back, girls and the Benz.
Smoke a little crack, hide the tracks from my friends.
I got teenage dreams, and Babylon Queens,
And I'm hip to the hop, and I know how to rock,
I play New York, Dallas, and West L.A.
They always come to see me cause I know what to say.
Everybody know me, they know I'm hip.
I never ever compromise, I always gotta grip.
Bridge: Duck it, don't buck it, bury it too.
My name is Roland I'm from Kalamazoo.
Everybody try's to tell me I'm to blame.
That's cause they don't know I'm totally insane, like a hippie, I'm quickie.
Promise not to tell, with a chrystal and a pistol, I,m the Angel from hell.
I like sexy girls cause they like to drive my lex.
You love em and ya leave em and you axe em who's next.
Verse: You gotta tap to the trap of the rhythm and the rhyme,
Gotta monkey on your back, got da money no time.
Gotta Mack in da back, when I'm runnin' wit da pack,
I like my fortune and fame, no pain, low gain.
They call me the Middleman from Bach to Rock to You.
I always have to simplify cause you ain't gotta clue.
I'm ten steps ahead of the richest and the best,
Got the gold got da glitter Good Gawd I been blest!

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