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Roland Bowman - The Four Seasons Of Life lyrics

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The Four Seasons Of Life by Roland Bowman

I gaze into a crystal ball, see an old man cry
Behind misty, tears in his eyes
He's watching 80 years gone by
No much left, his time is ticking
The four seasons of life
Mystic hands guiding through dark and light
An adventure you can't deny
As the sun melts the ice
The four seasons of life
The Spring of life was our birth
You can't grow up on your own
Now showed how to go,
Learn from experience very slow
Summer has come
Live your life on the road
The rules aren't really clear
Learn to fight for your right, first love is very near
Young and wild, in best condition
But you don't have a clue what's left or right
The soft dying Autumn touches everyone
Life can be like a thunderstorm
Somebody won't see the rainbow
Sun and mists, warm and cold, good and bad
Love and hate, black and white, laugh and cry
Give and take, peace and war, live and die
Winter's coldness is near at hand
Hear voices loud and clear, I look into my glass and
See my wasting skin and wish it had come to pass my
Heart had shrunk as thin!
But it doesn't and my body faces away
The fifth season brings the darkness
The crystal ball says, take your chace, 'cause the end is near
It's a long way back to earth
Now it's time to lend a hand to life, don't waste life,
Don't think twice
The four seasons of life

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