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R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 12.5) lyrics

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Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 12.5) by R. Kelly

Come and take a walk with me, through the streets of shottown.
Lets look back, and remanence on all of the shit that went down.
Paster Rufas Longs comes homes to finds his wife's been sleeping around with Sylvester.
Oh shit.
Sylvester cell phone rings he comes out the closet pointing his bereta.
Oh shit.
Then the go through this thing arguing, fussing then time goes by. And then Cathy finds out about Rufus lover Chuck the gay guy.
Oh shit.
And then Sylvester calls home. Never nowing that a man would answer his phone.
Oh shit.
And then he got to his house bust up in it, to find his wife Gwendelen, she was fucking around with this susauge head ass police. Then and the they got into a fight.
Oh shit.
Rasling over a gun.
Oh shit.
And Gwen sceaming stop next thing you know they shot her brother Twon.
Oh shit.
Just a lick. He was barly hurt.Know here comes Rose the nosy nieghbor. She thinks she's the nieghborhood savrior.And things got real twisted.
Oh shit.
Police got home in his kitchin.
Oh shit.
To find his wife Bregett.
Oh shit.
Is pregnant by this midget.
Well so far that's how the story goes. And know it's time to continue on.So get ready. Here comes chapter 13.

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