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R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 12.5) lyrics

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Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 12.5) by R. Kelly

Come and take a walk with me, through the streets of shottown.
Lets look back, and remanence on all of the sh*t that went down.
Paster Rufas Longs comes homes to finds his wife's been sleeping around with Sylvester.
Oh sh*t.
Sylvester cell phone rings he comes out the closet pointing his bereta.
Oh sh*t.
Then the go through this thing arguing, fussing then time goes by. And then Cathy finds out about Rufus lover Chuck the gay guy.
Oh sh*t.
And then Sylvester calls home. Never nowing that a man would answer his phone.
Oh sh*t.
And then he got to his house bust up in it, to find his wife Gwendelen, she was f**king around with this susauge head ass police. Then and the they got into a fight.
Oh sh*t.
Rasling over a gun.
Oh sh*t.
And Gwen sceaming stop next thing you know they shot her brother Twon.
Oh sh*t.
Just a lick. He was barly hurt.Know here comes Rose the nosy nieghbor. She thinks she's the nieghborhood savrior.And things got real twisted.
Oh sh*t.
Police got home in his kitchin.
Oh sh*t.
To find his wife Bregett.
Oh sh*t.
Is pregnant by this midget.
Well so far that's how the story goes. And know it's time to continue on.So get ready. Here comes chapter 13.

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