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R. Kelly - Ignition(Joecool And Stevies Remix lyrics

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Ignition(Joecool And Stevies Remix by R. Kelly

Now usualy I don't do this but uhh go head and break them off a little kumm!!
Now I ant tryin to be rude but, I just found out that I'm a Jue.
Some of the guys that I do, reminds me of my ma's pimp crew,
That's why I'm all up in ur couchie, tryin to make u scream ouchy,
You must be a big time hooker cause my dad said he don't like her
So gimme that toot toot, gimme that beep beep, I think I heard someone fart, Like my grandmas couchie smells tart,
It's the remix, to my so called rappin, hot in fresh out the court room
Mama screwin that body got every man in here wishin,
Sippin on coke and pepsi, I'm like sayin I gonna get any pussy,
Irt's the freakin weakin baby let me show you my couchie
Bounce bounce bounce, bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
It's like little girls screamin rape, while I record this on my tape,
cop driver sees u on the floor but he sayin can I get opne of ur whores,
He can feel what I'm fellin, No more hopin wishin, He's aboput to take his key and stick it in my ignition!!
dis-charge poppin in the stretch my stretch little baggie,
Everyones got the muchies everywhere, as if the part was catored
we got guys to my left and guys to the right,
when we bring them both together we gonna screw all night
and after the show it's the after hardy, and after the hardy it's my girls little boddy
and bout 5 minutes later we gotta uit, cause I just got dumped by my little 5 year old

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