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RJD2 - Shot In The Dark lyrics

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Shot In The Dark by RJD2

[Shoot to ki-kill, to-kill] {x4}
[shoot to kill]
Chief :
Let's go.
Officer 1 :
He's got his hands up, Chief. Take it easy.
Chief :
Alright you!
Man :
No need to shoot me officer, I was just--
Chief :
Don't you be tellin' me what not to do, man.
Just walk foward and keep them hands high.
Man :
I saw the man... the assalant.
Chief :
Shut your mouth.
Man :
But I was just chasing him
Chief :
I told you shut your mouth! (Phantom) arrest him.
Officer 2 :
He's clean.
Chief :
Cuff him.
Man :
But wait, I'm not the one you're looking for.
Chief :
Shut your mouth, boy!
Man :
You're making a mistake officer.
The man you want is getting away.
He's about 5'7". [5'7"] He weighs---
Chief :
Get him in the car!
Man :
Now look, my name is Benson.
I just got here from-- {punch in face}
Chief :
I asked you to shut your mouth, boy.
[mouth boy] You gonna do it? [do it]

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