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River Of Change - Gleams in the dark lyrics

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Gleams in the dark by River Of Change

I run
I raise my head, I watch the sky free from clouds
Illuminated by the last rays of the sun: the twilight
The shade advances upon the road, and I devise a defiance with myself
The light is life, the shade is death
Sometimes the insignificant things of life become essential
Sometimes the gleams in the dark of life that give the strength to go on...
In my mind the game becomes reality and a true fear
Passes through me, into my soul, into my eyes
The speed, the wind of my face, the chest rises and drops
My legs leave the the road behind my back, with frenzy
Adrenaline its metal taste fills my mouth
I clench my teeth
My will against the law of the universe
I reach the light, I raise my arms, I stop and cry like a child
I shout towards the sky, my joy for a beauty and useless victory

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