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Rilo Kiley - Three hopeful thoughts lyrics

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Three hopeful thoughts by Rilo Kiley

All this talk of your sweet girlfriend
is startin' to pay off
and the charms that she got from travel
are startin' to wear off
and i hope that you smile tonight
watching the last of your friends arrive
smile and shake their hands
and the hero that you hoped you'd be
never seemed to show up
and if i can keep on talking
there won't be time to give up
and i hope that i drive tonight
into the last of the great sunrises
i'll smile and wave my hand
if things don't work out quite the way you
planned it's almost half past two
and i've begun to hate the way you
smile so smile
and i hope that you close your eyes
and block out the pain of a thousand lives
and i hope that you die tonight
just close your eyes there goes the light
smile i'll brave it
while you wave your hand

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