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Stool Softener Lyrics

by Righteous Pigs


Stool Softener Song Lyrics

Stool Softener by Righteous Pigs

Doe prescribes me Tylenol Three
Because I fell and hurt my knee
I've been taken them a f**ken week
Since then I've taken many leaks
Inside my stomach I feel a lump
I want to take a sh*t from my rump
I lie here and I'm constipated
Last tim
E I sh*t is now outdated
Here I sit broken hearted
I tried to sh*t but I only farted
I miss the f**ken burning sensation
But all I feel is constipation
I need to take some f**ken Ex-Lax
Or become incontinent so my bowels relax
My f**ken sh*t is hard as wood
I'd try to sh*t if I knew I could

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