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Boundaries Unknown Lyrics

by Righteous Pigs


Boundaries Unknown Song Lyrics

Boundaries Unknown by Righteous Pigs

Common knowledge
Should be to see
The life around us
That there must be
There's gotta be
A better place
With all the light
In outer space
Boundaries unknown
Boundaries unknown
Why hide so much
They are misleading
I'm disappointed
In our mistreating
The sh*t they tell us
Is untrue
And covered up
From me and you
Boundaries unknown
daries unknown
You look into the stars and they seem so far away
We should be much closer than we are today
Look at all the people with warped train of thought
Erasing the ideas for why others fought
I try to talk to people that all think the same
Our world is so barberic, that I speak in vein
Will all of our advancement go down the drain?
We are still so primitive and who is to blame????????
In this universe, we're nothing but a dot
If we were gone tomorrow, we'd be easily forgot
Look at our
surroundings, there is a f**ken lot
Here is what we're lacking, we're rooted to this earth
With people's f**ken blindness since the time of birth
Don't let no one tell you to follow their religion
Compose your own theories, and hake your own decisions!
Endless span
Of possibility
In the outskirts
Of infinity
Develop your mind
Or be deprived
Of countless wonders
The rest of your life
Boundaries unknown

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