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Rich Gang - Take Kare lyrics

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Take Kare by Rich Gang

Young Mula baby
Young Mula baby
Rich game, we got London on the trail
How let him to ball on game?
Gotta land on that hole thing
From inside cause the whole thing
Can give my hoer my first name
Im in the game til its all make
How many feelings is super lie A?
Hey, like a hate man its all like that
Ill be inside the business with a real paper tape
Every time they hit, I told em that I get a couple K
I aint run G but you could be my pin G
Feeling like Im flipping on the green on MG
I aint never be living lil I can say
Why the life get you down my league
Swang to me a little like beat these niggas
Playing, everywhere she go, shes balling
Yeah she got air, she like my tallin
She aint gotta bang, she say she bang, bang
And she fight, knock, knock on real
As cold get shift, well be like a wip
How you wanna last? She say they getting like they linker
She didnt roll a nigga had to serve all that on me
And never she gonna watch me like him
If, if I aint do any worth then I dont gotta take kare
Take kare of mom, take kare to
Take kare her, take kare her
Take kare her, take kare her
Imma be where you gonna be
Right in it you can keep the sh*t up
Uuh take the trip and get it, uuh
Baby some of inhalation
Play game and we go so uuh
That was so bang and get uuh
Acting with a hundred tale
Throw with what she pay the bill
Baby keep that pussy
Baby keep that pussy thrill
Ball and no talk about that fat deal
Good nigga you lay
Ok, Imma put it better to the rest
Imma put it better let it ray
Ice is on you can escape
Yalla she go like a cage
Better nigga get snitch and go ahead
All the motherf**king b**ch from the city,
Man let me see, Imma build a home for a snick not a dick
Pull up, pull up
Baby hating on my ghetto and they wish that was the b**ch they hatin
Pay attention to my all hoers
And that get for your participation
No chasing from my gatto
She go harder and get me her key
Getting wasted with my girl
Then we sit out and get all lay
Sing you all about and get?
Gotta open up the store when they come
When we shopping for our girls
Cold but aint know, they are rapping from the code
She so bad, I dont know what to do with her
I know just what to do in her
Homies hold me up and say they on but not to ?
But I know tonight I cant f**k with you niggas
Imma take kare
Rich gang
Dont get scared now, pussy niggas
Take kare of her
We probably doing no wrong, thank God, take kare
Take kare your lil mamma
Take kare your lil mamma
Take kare, Imma take kare
Imma take kare
Lil mamma take kare, lil mama take kare
Young, young Mula baby

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