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Rich Gang - Freestyle lyrics

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Freestyle by Rich Gang

Top floor type sh*t
Chandeliers with marble floors, boy
My baby momma just put me on child support
f**k a one, ain't goin' to court
Don't care what the wife gon' say
I just wanna see my lil boy
Don't screw deal, man
Ain't sign up for college, boy
Don't be a fool, be a man
What you thank that knowledge fo'?
(Verse: Thugga)
She diss the high school
More reasons to acknowledge her
Leave that sample, I don't f**k round with no fall out hoe
Follow her on everythang I do, that's like yeah
Call the cops, I'm here for 'er, trouble art life, look real
Wake up too late for breakfast, I need a lunch, man
My producer cut hoes off, dunk deal
I'm real, I'm foreign, all I speak is truthful
Come here, all I want is you
Put it up, put it on, baby girl
Come back to me now
I'm just tryna get in then work my way out
I don't who ya came with, but you leavin' with me for the rest of the night
(Verse 2)
It's ova, got damn luck for Lee Cobra
If she wanna f**k, tell her come ova
Teleport her, damn, my brother
Same mother, different daddy
Ride in that caddy
All black tan, you ain't seen me befo'
All my sh*t rip, ye ain't seen this befo'
Tell me what did ye split, nigga I spiff some mo'
(Verse 3: Rich Homie Quan)
Ridin' with a new van on me, I didn't think I would pass
Y'all niggas out here thank ya sellin' coke, ya sellin' pans
Thugga, my man, Birdman, my man
Two words: Rich Gang
Why so, that Rich Gang would hold me 4 life
Try me once and fo' sure lose yo life
With ? phone, call it a night
I don't play no games, no way
(Verse 4: Thugga)
Thought I was gone until I walked in, let him in, none of ye
Gotta endorse me with GTV, run it in, y'all niggas drankin' beers
When the cognac here, oh b**ch, djya a lie, drankin' beer
Bottom of my car red, I pray for it
I spent a lil 60 on yak, I drank fo' real
I want Quan medication, he got A pills
But I need to see my girl to make my plane real
But I ain't neva been in love, I don't know how pain feel
Aye yee
Too much 10 dolla crossed to go
That why I spend bibane on all my whores
I I I spend a large ammount on my clothes
That pussy wet, went so ? tried outdoors
(Verse 5)
Nigga from the back, she like aaaaaye
All she know is aaaaaye
Money to the ceilin' like ooooh
Thugga Thugga sung it
If ye have a prolem it oooooh
Shroom girl like ooooh
Stupid hoe like ooooh
Cunt hoe full of oooooh

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