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Revamp - Here's My Hell lyrics

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Here's My Hell by Revamp

Eyes wide open
Still blind to see
Heart wide open
Still too cold to feel
That's all what's left of me
A frozen mind
A shade of who I could be
That's all I can be today
That's all I dare to see
With broken faith
Afraid of what's hurting me
That's all I'll let in today
In silence I cry
For my aching heart
Closed down
Demons won't recede
I must face them all
Eyes wide open
Do I dare to see?
Heart wide open
Do I dare to feel?
That's all I want to be
A stronger mind
A light that will make me see
That's all I wish for today
That's what will set me free
With renewed strength
I'll deal with my agony
That is my goal for today
Empty I cry
Where is my heart?
With eyes wide shut I smile and fake...

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