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Music Video

I'll Be Back Lyrics

by Reptilian


I'll Be Back Song Lyrics

I'll Be Back by Reptilian

I want to feel you from inside, i want to keep you in my
Dreams i don't want to stand outside and watch you from behind never
Thought that i could give you give you what yo want never thought that i
Could take so take so much from me like a stranger so , i am feeling now
And i don't know how , to expalin the things all the things that you broke
Down and cried what you ask you why always wanted to be so much closer
That today always wanted to stay whit you like i did yesterday if you wnat
To cry out now, well that's okay whith me if you want to keep your
Silence,it's okay with me, you never cared like a stranger so i am feeling
Now and i don't know how ,to explain the things all the things that you
Broke down and cried what to ask you why

Hey, you will see , i'll be back in your dreams i will sing that old song for you

And let me take you to, where the skies are high and the voices of love
Will return to you when the time is fading away

You never tould was going on inside your mind you never showed me anything
That i could still belive if i were you, i wouldn't turn my back againts
The night there's nothing left for us unlees you see what's going on
We're falling down
Like a stranger so, i am feeling mow
And i don't know ow,
To explin the things
All the things that you broke down
And cried
Want to ask you why


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