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by Renee Austin


U-Haul Song Text

U-Haul by Renee Austin

How many possessions can a man possess
Before he acquires happiness - mmhhmm
It begs the question in quiet reflection
Can a man purchase his own redemption - mmhmm?
One thing Mama told me
It's the God's honest truth
Rich man might deny it
But I swear it ain't no use

You can't take it with you
When they lay you in the dirt
Go ahead and try it
You would not be the first
Heaven ain't Las Vegas
But I can think of somewhere worse
You can't pull a U Haul behind your hearse - mmhhmm

They can put you in your Sunday suit with pennies on your eyes
But if you're going where I'm going you won't need no coat and tie – mmhhmm
Cause naked you came to the world leaving it's just the same
The day you meet St. Peter up at those pearly gates – mmhmm
It's like trying to shove a camel
Through the eye of a needle
It ain't never gonna happen
I just gotta tell ya people


You can burn it, you can blow it
You can bet it on roulette
But Heaven's garments have no pockets
For your old wallet – yeah...


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