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Remy Ma - She's gone lyrics

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She's gone by Remy Ma

U mean im ya second favorite famale rapper...
U crazy?
Im betta than most niggaz...Suck ma dick
(verse one)
There aint a b**ch as I'll as me
No b**ch as real as me
sh*t i live where the stealers,drug dealers,killers be
Don't give a f**k what yaw mothaf**kas think of me
So f**kin what, f**k a sl*t if she aint feelin me
If you a real b**ch,than u love my sh*t
Turn out the lights get ya man and f**k to my sh*t
Ride that dick,make him eat yo sh*t
Bust ya nut ma,light a blunt to ma sh*t
I think it's some truth to that sex sells sh*t.
Cus b**ches is so pussy...niggaz is just dicks(sh*t)
Im so sicking,
Don't think cus i smoke a lil more than alotta weed that im slippin
As long as hoes is still strippin,
My flow is still flippin,
Jewels a keep drippin
And imma keep comin threw in that six wit the seats back shipment
Stop trippin b**ch,cus when i stop u lookin,
Its no need for the ice grill u not in Brooklyn
Go ahead and act fool like u really wanna step to dis
And imma put tha tool right between ya two breasttess
And aint sh*t that u can say to me when u be breathless
Young but i done did to
Too much sh*t
I smoke like an O a day nothing but the DrO and Haze
So u know i feel no pain
Now i gotta go away
(dude talking)
Remy ma
Offcial f**kin beat bodier
Who the f**k want it?
Tha f**kin bronx savior
The queen of NY
The games changing
She be on the rap for ya'll b**ches
This doobie ya heard
BX don't get it twisted
Home ofthe killers,the dealers,the bombers and Remy martin..Rep that
(Verse two)
See i be trying not to swear to god,but i swear mothaf**kas gon hear the squad
Ya'll betta say a prospect in joe to god
Armageddon, tony sunshine and remy ma
About to take over the worls alrady run the bronx
And if it want for P we couldnt be so bless his heart bless his soul make he reast in peace,can i get a lil moment of silence please....
I never let em see me stress
Don't never try to disrespect
Nigga i eat,sh*t,sleep and breath TS
And if i love a nigga,remy love a nigga ta death

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