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Remedy - The Ambush (Feat. Cappadonna & Solomon Childs) lyrics

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The Ambush (Feat. Cappadonna & Solomon Childs) by Remedy

Feat. Cappadonna, Solomon Childs
[Movie sample during intro]
Everyone wants that ambush
Everybody got killed in that ambush
You've got nowhere to come but this way
The only one thing they see is God
You could go in between and feel the fire
Then buckle up!
[Intro: Cappadonna (Solomon Childs)]
The Ambush.. it be The Ambush
What? It be The Ambush
What? The Pillage
(Yo, yo, Killa Bees)
[Remedy (Cappadonna)]
Yo.. Ambush, bag 'im, hands behind the back style, gag 'im
Grab 'im by his head, start to drag 'im
Kick 'im while he's down, fast first in the ground
My thirsty bloodhounds surround your compound
We want all we want when we want it
The rules of this rap game, MC's come to be hunted
We're like oxen, and this be the anti-toxin
Corrective, here to put you back in perspective
Gun check, Remedy, Protect Ya Neck
Bring the swords up, hit the deck, disconnect
One glance and it's evident, the war's begun
Brave men wield their swords and their shields in the sun
Some MC's clash, some fall to the ground
Some stand and talk, and get severed apart
Smell of death, burnt flesh
Son, you get what you get when you mess with the Killa Bees nest
Invaders, real life hip-hop crusaders
Clash of the blade, Tomb Raiders, ya saviors
Judgment Day is now, son, there's no more pretend (take money)
God's callin', stand tall, fight to the end
[Chorus: Cappadonna]
In The Ambush these thoughts are caput
In The Ambush y'all cats is Big Foots
In The Ambush you get your face mushed
In The Ambush these thoughts caput
[Solomon Childs (Cappadonna)]
Lyin' in the huddle, my team re

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