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Straight And Narrow Lyrics

by Rekoncyle


Straight And Narrow Song Lyrics

Straight And Narrow by Rekoncyle

Sometimes my heart feels restless
The emptiness goes on and on
The beating is so quiet
It's showing me how far I've gone
The simple road I've traveled is telling me it's time to run
The path ahead gets wider, the lies of the world get stronger
It feels like I am fighting something
I'm afraid but not confused but I want to be
Consumed in you
Pull me close don't let me go
Cuz I'm searching for the straight and narrow
Verse 2
Sometimes they push sometimes they shove
To make you what your not
The pressure sometimes blinds you
It makes you feel your close enough
But don't give in your stronger
They cannot break the wall of love
Just keep your eyes wide open
The solid rock will lead you on
Close to the edge, then further again
No matter where I am your with me.

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