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Digging Lyrics

by Rekoncyle


Digging Song Lyrics

Digging by Rekoncyle

Verse 1
It's all they say, it's all you know
Pushing you further to take over control
The pain is lacking cuz you feel nothing at all
Your future is bleeding will you stand or fall
In the center of the...
Hole your digging
The earth is giving way to
All you believing
With every lie that you are trying to excuse as if it wasn't even true
You wonder where to begin
After the hole you've been digging
Verse 2
It feels so wrong but is it bad
The words are spilling and you can't take them back
The troubles coming toward you at high speed
But will you fight it or will you let him take the wheel
Or will you fall into the...
Your on your knees fighting for your life
He'll give you one more chance before you reach the other side
Just open up your eyes do not fight it back
He's taking all you have and put it back in tact!

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