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Reisa L. Gerber - The Loser lyrics

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The Loser by Reisa L. Gerber

The Loser
You know and I know what's going down
You've been chasing a man,
It's all over town-
He's got another lady, now
Acknowledge defeat before you strike out!
Let's hear it for the loser,
Who could not get a man-
It's apt to confuse her,
When someone says "I think you can"
You know it was a bruiser,
The battle lost at such a cost
Impulse will rule her
The card is in the mailman's pouch, oh, no!
She's coming after midnight,
The ancient queen demands her throne
Trembling in fright, they order her to
"Leave them alone"
Like a child to a candle's flame,
A dog to a bone-
It's a hard habit to break

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