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Reisa L. Gerber - Mikey Likes It lyrics

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Mikey Likes It by Reisa L. Gerber

When I was just a litle boy,
There was my brothers and sisters and mw-
We went fly fishing
And we sang "kumbayah"
Like taking candy was a baby 1,2,3
When we got older,
I couldn't stop
All the music goin' 'round in my head-
And the dream to be a popstar-
Came true...
People came from everywhere
To see my special talents-
I had a wonderful time
Singin and dancing...
Billy Jean and Beat it-
"Hey, Paul" that's my girl!
Now everything's gone wrong,
And I ...gor sick in the eyes of some fan-
Who dreams about innocence
And sickness
And help...for my heart and soul-
I guess you think you have made no
I guess it's not for me to say-
But some lady knew your problem,
And she brought her little boy anyway-
She wants pulicity
She wants dough....
The man has a problem, ma'am....In my opinion....
And that is something you KNOW...

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