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Reisa L. Gerber - Lonely lyrics

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Lonely by Reisa L. Gerber

There is no way of life I've known,
Except to be alone-
There is noone to understand--
Noone to hold my hand.
To tell me, "Hey, baby, it's alright"
To help me through my lonely night.
It's hard to remember someone close
People who you've loved the most-
When your lonliness gets the best of you
And you cry out in pain-
If you can't feel compassion, you'll go insane.
But it's alright, it's okay
I'll find someone to love someday
I'll rely on my family and friends
If they're not perfect, I'll tolerate them
Even though at times, I really hate them
Don't appreciate them
Well, I can reach out to them for company
Or I can remain alone, craying,
"This can't be me", oh no.

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