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Reisa L. Gerber - He Danced By My Window lyrics

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He Danced By My Window by Reisa L. Gerber

He danced By My Window
He danced by my window with grace,
On a snowcloud of fluffy white
He held me close to him, snug in his arms
Through the lonely night.
I called to him softly,
I whispered his name to the midnight air-
Oh gentle, cruel breeze,
Yet you do as you please,
No, he could not hear.
When I awoke, all the birdies were singing,
The sun shone bright.
I needed proof that he'd made love to me,
In the stars that night.
But all that I saw was my dresser, my desk,
And my lonely bed
Oh, prove to me, lover, that you held me
Was it just my head?
Suddenly I saw a man, gray and ghostly come
In my room,
I felt my skin turning prickly, I froze,
And my heart went BOOM!
He came nest to me, oh, so close to me,
This apparition neared,
He whispered gently, "I Love you"
And then, he just disappeared.
He danced by my window....
repeat first verse.
Reisa L. Gerber

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