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Reisa L. Gerber - From The Heart lyrics

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From The Heart by Reisa L. Gerber

From the Heart
So you've got to play their little game-
You've got to sing along
You've got to beat his prison,
So you'll join him in his song
But your eyes they brim with perfect tears,
As he shuts you up at will
Until you're feeling so screwed up,
He makes you take his pill.
But you can't do anything you don't wanna do
You won't really feel it if it aint right for you
Darlin', don't do nothin' 'cuz you're acting out
a part
You aint doing nothing, if it aint from the heart.
You haven't got no confidence,
You haven't got a friend.
Your relatives, they try to love you, but
still you will defend.
You'll hang around until you're found,
You've made a few mistakes.
You'll primp and preen until you're seen
You're nothin' but a fake.
And now you're seeking stardom, fame and
Power and wealth.
You know you can't love noone if you do not
Love yourself-
But tell me, babe, what happened?
Did you finally get your day?
If he's doin' what he feels,
He'll get up and walk away.

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