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Reinfection - An Insitute Of Bloody Anatomy lyrics

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An Insitute Of Bloody Anatomy by Reinfection

In a dark, noisome corridor of blood
Bathtubs full of swollen limbs
Crushed skull bones
Dishes full of brains that are food
For rats and a hungry surgeon
I feel like in a dream
Why don't my feelings cause nausea or vomiting
This institute is a refinery of entrails
That flow through corridors
Dry, stinking bodies
Slimy bugs and insects
Blood stained surgeon's apron in the background
And his dwarf laughing assistant
In his mouth minced eyes of one of the victims
In the next room boilers with boiling water
Where the fat torn off the skin is boiling
There are penises and vaginas hanging on the wall
Cut out inattentively from the bodies
Masturbating surgeon gets excited
By touching cold breast
In his second hand cold penis
He's putting it into his mouth and licks it
Her dry, hard vagina stimulates his penis
This one is better than alive
I get off and start eating her body

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