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Regnum Umbra Ignis - Nizeisch lyrics

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Nizeisch by Regnum Umbra Ignis

[Lyric by Deathscythe, Music by Deathscythe]
The hate driving claws in the crimson eyes by the pain
Travelling like fire the edge of sanity
Attack with precision the reason and the mind
Transforming the wrath eruptions in war.
Numb bewitching succubu's poison burning
Lucidity making to roam demented by a
Hallucinated maze until the sense's decadence by the
Insatiable and filthy pleasure of insane lust of this world.
Reflected on mirror with his sarcastic duality in conflict
In the space and time to vanish with the last breath
Of purity became profane and indecent infecting
The essence and the soul of dying soil cloaks of imposture.
And the madness seize of overflower heart in hate
In a wink the silence bomb the thinks like war
I am blind while every behold the world in flames!
... Dead flesh, ashes... bitter taste... the harsh reality.
Began the sunset common of his glorious time...
The existence being purified through of extermination.

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