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Regnum Umbra Ignis - Illu Adversu Deus lyrics

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Illu Adversu Deus by Regnum Umbra Ignis

Wandering to meet the reason and of true
Through of steps left to the followed
He teach us the path of liberty
To that we know of the essence of life.
He give us the wine to celebrate the lust
To that we learn to dominate the pleasure,
And donýt turn us slaves of the human fragily.
He give us the immortality... cause he is the immortality.
To atmý Lucifer... hail!
His fire is in ours hearts,
His flames is in ours hands.
His ýfallý was the begin
Thou is the Adversu Deus!
And we are the hammer that will broke the face of god!
Fiat Tenebras!
Lord of many names... horned god,
In ancient times his presence established the equilibrium,
On this lands was created the empire,
That in yours nine circles separating the strongs of weaks
To that with the Arcanu of his warriors
Weýll be the key of the macrocosm.

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