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Music Video

I Want Burns Lyrics

by Reeve Oliver


I Want Burns Song Lyrics

I Want Burns by Reeve Oliver

Sitting in her bedroom and she's listening with headphones
To a song that I once sang
I wonder if she's waiting for a song that she could call her own
She wonders what's the delay
And I write, 'cause I owe it to you and I am on your side
You're mine tonight
Heaven sent and so complete
I wonder if she misses me
When I am not around
I'm trying to be quiet
But I want to start a riot in the street
So she'd come down
She doth teach the torches to burn bright
And she gets down, she gets downright
Your cigarettes just got a light
And I know I want burns
Heaven sent and so complete
She dropped my TV in the street
I didn't even care
Little things like attitude
The way that we both hate seafood
I wonder why she's there
But I don't ask, you don't tell
Never really goes this well
Surprised to hear you say
Worried I would go away but
Never ever be afraid 'cause this ones here to stay
This one smokes the competition right
Convinced St. Francis to ignite
Your cigarettes are not alright
And I know I want burns
For the sun to rise It must get dark
I'd never think you'd miss that mark
But if I'm the fire you're the spark
And I know I burn

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