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Go Straight Lyrics

by Red Circuit


Go Straight Song Lyrics

Go Straight by Red Circuit

I just can´t believe my eyes
It turned out this way
It seems that I´m lost in lies
I´m trapped in this way

Across the seven waters
Erase the rules inside
The ashes keep burning
Burning all the way

Go straight my way
Til it is over.
I´m here so strong
Now and forever
Long ignored all the signs
Too late for a change
My instincts are far too late
A gordian knot

Sacrifice your senses
Regain the open mind
And when the night is over
Just do it all again

It ain´t over

And though I look from afar
Wasn´t I too blind to see?
Why won''t you tell me something?
Don''t read between the lines

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