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The Bells of Fortune Lyrics

by Red Butt Closeup


The Bells of Fortune Song Lyrics

The Bells of Fortune by Red Butt Closeup

Tonight we'll fall for fresh temptations, flesh won't do you harm
as I watch your clothes bail out to hit the ground
my hands reach out to taste your beauty
attached like Bonnie, fixed like Clyde
I feel my hands must know your landscape, every texture of your skin
I will bust your golden gates to taste the fruits you've kept within
your blood comes rushing to your head, aroused you're ready to burst
the bells ring out to haunt you, they ring out your name
Can you hear them?
They're made of steel
At first you fear them
Then you kneel
The bells,
bells of fortune
ring out for me
I have never met such evil, I have never seen such hate
as the flames consumes my life those bells will laugh at me
they set out to rule the world with fists of iron, voice of pain
the bells won't bring no fortune if your skin lack shade of pale
Jacks from hell and knights from heaven now together cursed with blood
as I lay myself to die I hear the bells of fortune cry

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