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Reboot The Robot - Did You Know lyrics

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Did You Know by Reboot The Robot

You and I, We need to find a way
To make time fly.
We've got to find a way
To make this work
Cause I will never give in
Look at how wonderful
This time has been
Snd baby you, I just can get
Enough of you it's true.
Just look at all the stupid
Things I do.
I walk into doors
When you're around
Passed out cold,
Lying on the gound.
You make me smile,
And that's something I've not done
Now for a while.
You make me feel just like
A little child.
When I'm with you I barely breathe
And when you look at me,
Your glance makes me weak
Did you know that I love you (x2)
Baby we, we've got everything
That we need
And if you step aside
I'll take the lead.
And we're not sure
Where this will go.
But if you're ready,
I'd really like to know.
Did you know that I love you (x2)
So this is it
You're everything I've dreamed of
I admit.
We're in this together
So I won't quit.
I'd wait a thousand years for you
And I know you'd wait as long
If I asked you to.
Are you ready to go?
There's so much to do and see,
So much to show.
Will this last forever?
I don't know,
But I'd do my best to keep it here.
Yeah I'd do anything for you.
Anything my dear.
Did you know that I love you (x2)

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