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Ravens Throne - Murk Raven's Son lyrics

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Murk Raven's Son by Ravens Throne

Murk of ravens land, Realms of the unend
Approach let sunset end, Forewords to crimson night at hand
Call winter mist on grand black eminent announced a stead
Benight where seasons fall blinded in storms at feet
And reign with glory our land of grim and Honor
Thus ye enthroned ravenly on ground of own
Held by the name of biting rime
Remnant recall before eons in time
As storm awake the oceans from the sleep
Vanquish day light burn darkness deep
Northland in hearts grinding souls as thunder rise
Son of raven murk defeat everlast demise
Offspring re-force conquering mountains through ice
Nordic on course, awaiting riders, invaders of beings
Mist entrance brought us in miniature dark embrace
Immortal souls with eyes staring at falls
Guardians at gates we stand, guarding against the damned
Hereafter cosmic winds, darkened storms she brings
Towards the endless road that leads to home we rode
Years on path, we shall walk until we pass
Ranked as raven glorious art thy wings
Apparel of Empire sword, of dark knights, of kings
Verily thou art the Cesar of all
Enrage the veins with vengeance and blitzkrieg shock
Never ending grimness sparking in gloomy eyes

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