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by Raleigh Ritchie


Overdose Song Lyrics

Overdose by Raleigh Ritchie

Let's break up
And I mean it in the nicest way
Take stock and stop, let's wake up
I haven't seen the light for days

I need to clear this place up
Clear this place up, time to face up
Time to face up to you
Paradise lost and all this falls
We're paying the price to not conform
Real talk is the talk of the living in the court
We'll be livid if we don't for civilisation
Too many papers missed, we'll be out on the pavement
If we don't change sh*t

Overdose, overload, over-time
We overflow, we should try and go outside
Cause if we don't, we'll overgrow and overdose
Just overdose, it's over when we overdose
You're my addiction
And my love has grown affliction
If we're not really living

What do you mean?
This can't be life, this can't be me
This can't be freedom
I'm young, I'm a dreamer, looking for meaning
Heed that feeling
But I've been reeling, reeling space
This is fleeting
This is fleeting
My hope is just a phase
Living without you is the darkest place
But living with you's proving more than I can take
Babe, I wanna take you for a normal date
f**k these daily takeaways


Maybe I'm misguided
Maybe I'll be wrong
If we could just try
Maybe we'll move on
Too much time together
Is pulling us apart
You say we're forever
But I don't think we'll last if we


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