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Rakoth - Dawn lyrics

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Dawn by Rakoth

At dawn
As the silence betrays
We're afraid of our fear...
We sway and
Suddenly once again strangely
We regret...
The visions fevered, exotic sorrows restrained obsessions all come to life when the asphyxiating freezing light grows midwide and steals the last resort for maggots of the sane
Now we're silently defending our world and fragile veils of dark to keep us safe
We stray in search of false "Diminished Master" blindfold ourselves to see the most and so we fail drowning deep in faint lies the maze we've seen before
Mind pulse blown away with the wake souls innards ripped out steaming stinking with the dark bluish mist - unveiled mystery of Life and Death... hhh go f**k your own pride worm and rot on
Can't survive the sunrise can't keep your poor "sanity" you now have the Box open see all your fears and pains and whatever loose
Haunting you chasing you preying you until the next sunset do you really hope to get to it alive?
CRAWL whine and writhe with cut off mental strains
Breeding scorn that falls upon your filthy dying realms
Within your sick imagination's womb
Begotten well-constructed thoughts NOW clearly
Reveal chaotic fault you knew as life
The chrysalis is broken dissolved in acrid breath of sun
We silently surrender our fight and fragile veils of dark would never keep us safe

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