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Rain Fell Within - Believe lyrics

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Believe by Rain Fell Within

Beneth the lonely willow, the tired angel lays.
Her arms outstreached, her stomach curled, from deep within she cries...
"Why do I seek peace? Why doth mine eyes deceive me?
On Earth I play, on Earth I die! When might I believe?"
Thoughtless words are spoken here and hateful eyes for all whp are near.
"My wings can't save me now from all that I have seen!
Forgive me as I ponder the meaning of it all.
Seems so unfair to wander with no questions of life beyond!
And all of this hurt from my pointless mission here...
On Earth I've played, on Earth I've died! When might I believe?"
From above, the silent sky reaches out and dries her eyes.
"Be free! Be at all like me! Be near and one with the breeze!"
...oh don't leave me here to die
Beneath the lonely willow, the fallen angel thinks abot this world
And why she's here and of her world of dreams...
"Beauty lays within me...why can't others see?
On Earth I'm sent to change life, but in this I no longer believe...
And this I no longer believe."

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