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Rah Digga - Just for you lyrics

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Just for you by Rah Digga

All my niggas y'all, Flipmode y'all
Flipmode y'all, hardcore y'all, raw sh*t y'all
Hardcore y'all, Flipmode y'all
For my b**ches y'all, all my b**ches y'all
Flipmode y'all, Flipmode y'all
Hardcore y'all, raw sh*t y'all
Hardcore y'all, Flipmode y'all
[Spliff Star]
Never judge a nigga like the cover of a book
f**k around and get shot back of the foot
Nigga fall, stumble and look, nervous and shook
Dragged in the alley and book and beat down to a pulp
[Rocky Marciano]
Shot up my cops, Dirty Harry
You stickin me is like niggas f**kin the virgin Mary
[Busta Rhymes]
sh*t we carry, will have you found layin down somewhere damp and muddy
Split your tummy, puncture your kidney and make you p**s bloody
So now I leave your body to rott
Where b**ches sell they pussy for rock
Cook they coke in steamin water boil in a pot
[Baby Sham]
Do you know niggas like us that clutter they watch
Invest in yo' block, like it or not, involvin your pops
You messin wit a rhyme surgeon
Trade the GS for the Excursion, heads is turning
Flipmode we still mergin
[Rah Digga]
Now we splurgin in Suburbans
Dirty Harriet rock the camouflage turbans
Said one for the money and two for mic check
And spit a million rhymin words in 240 seconds
[Lord Have Mercy]
Get three to get your b**ch neck, and four to even the score
Graveyard shift it's best that y'all believe in the law
[Rocky Marciano]
Flipmode like Mary Lou Retton
Suede ballie, shoe steppin do the best that I can can
Like Pointer Sisters, who could join the wizard?
[Busta Rhymes]
Talkin outta place I pick the knife up and cut the tongue
Right outta your mouth and f**k your life up
1- repeats in background
This for my niggas, y'all come get wit us
More raw hardcore sh*t just for you
YOU, you, YOU, you, YOU, you, YOU
This for my sistas, we know y'all miss us
Flipmode got raw sh*t just for you
YOU, you, YOU, you, YOU, you, YOU
Before all the plaques and the source awards
Y'all niggas wanna dick ride so jump aboard
It's a first class ass whippin, Rampage, I aint trippin
Check all the magazine clippins
[Spliff Star]
Yo I pluck pigeons, get brains in Expeditions
Cause friction, every chick I stick my dick in
I'm not trustworthy like midnight I'm pickin
Spliff keep it warm like wool caps to mittens
[Lord Have Mercy]
Watch for me in a new milli, kick up dust with my shoe sh*tty
New Jack City, wicked ways move wit me
Holla mine, any violent times crooks bear malice
White collar crime, Columbine, weak clear classes
[Rocky Marciano]
Burn a nigga into ashes, how I mashes ass like Cassius
Finger jabs, I got it mastered, fantastic
Writin half ass sh*t, splash kids
Poke em with the bassonet in the neck, graphic
[Baby Sham]
Can't tell I'm from QB the way that I talk
Speakin in tongue, with six blocks callin my dun
Bogie collapsed lung, big and small gats we brung
Bangin your drums with hot sh*t and more to come
[Busta Rhymes]
But then we manifest the truth
The niggas like predictions from the Bible
Betrayal for niggas is suicidal
[Rah Digga]
Kick swift sh*t niggas rock harder than Limp Bizkit
Dirty Harriet floodin all through your district
1- repeats in background

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