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Rachel Wedeward - Cold-hearted world lyrics

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Cold-hearted world by Rachel Wedeward

Intro: MMMM Ooh Ooh Ooh MMMM
Bridge: A look at a decade
that has been made
now we see people full of anger & hate
there hearts are like the coldest gravryard in the cemetary
old memories left in there mind
and old treasures that are still left behind
they don't give a damn about you
there just trying to survive in our society
Chorus: In this cold-hearted world of ours
hateful things run through there minds
there so mean
all they care is about getting the green
(yeah) in this cold-hearted world of ours
1st Verse: I saw a man sitting on the side walk
with a little tin cup
that had a couple of bucks in it
then walked a man with alligator boots
just walked by didn't even stare at you
he should talk
back in the day
he wanted minimum wage
and his boss wouldn't even give him a good pay
and just happen yeaterday
2nd Verse: I went to visit my dad at the hospital
here lays a girl dying of AIDS
she couldn't talk wouldn't even walk
sat there afraid
of dying someday
I saw the tears that ran down her face
she looked up at me
her face was all red
I had to look ahead
cause I couldn't see the pain
from a 22-year old

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