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Purity Ring - Despertar lyrics

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Despertar by Purity Ring

I´m standing on the shore and I´m watching Noah sail away. I´m
Playing russian roulette and nr 6 is on it's way. They say it´s
Just a nightmare but it seems genuine to me, and the feeling
Is... - I´m not waking up. I wanna wake up. I don´t wanna die. I´m
Lying in the guillotine and the blade is coming down. I´m fall-
Ing from a rooftop and I´m 6 yards from the ground. I´ve had
This feeling some time now (can you) see the panic in my eyes?
No, I don´t thinks so... - They are closed. I wanna wake up. I don´t
Wanna die. (We´re sailing - We´re sailing far away. Go ahead
- Count the sheeps. Feel free - To fall asleep.) I´m walking
Cross the highway and I´m 6 feet from a grille, but this is
Not the time to let myself be killed. They offered me some
Sleeping-pills, saind it would "do the trick". They tried to
Trick me... - But I will not. This is a dream? - This is no dream...
I´m gonna wake up. I´m not gonna die. It´s time to wake up now!

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